The Final Boss For Marvel Vs. Capcom

When you take on a final boss in the Marvel vs. Capcom games, usually you face off against a character that’s larger than life, like the mighty Onslaught and the unstoppable (nearly) Galactus. So, as expected, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinitehas quite the final boss in store. There are minor spoilers ahead, but it never hurts to be prepared for the final boss that’s awaiting you in the latest entry in the series, especially considering it’s essentially a mutation of Sigma and Ultron into a large, big-faced creature. Still, proceed with caution.

The team at EventHubs has apparently gotten their hands on footage from an early copy of the game, which already appears to be making the rounds. In it, you face off against a giant, big-faced creature with a chainsaw blade type arm/claw and the ability to shoot all kinds of lasers. As you can see from the attached gallery, Ultron is hanging outside of the creature’s forehead, kind of giving commands as it takes your attacks and counter-attacks accordingly. That’s just the beginning of the boss stage, though, as you’ll also need to face off against a number of Ultron’s minions in-between rounds. On top of that, it looks like this super-boss is able to activate Infinity Stones just like you, and it can use those effects to its advantage.

Like Colossus, this super-boss apparently can be beaten, but will also hammer unsuspecting players with attacks if they aren’t careful, big ones that can do a great deal of damage. It never hurts to play the game defensively and get prepped for what it has in store, and save up your supers for when they really count. Whatever the case, make sure you’ve got the right combatants and prepare for a fight. Like Galactus, you’ll likely have some frustrations getting past his defenses, but bringing him down – and saving the world – will make the victory all the sweeter.