Rocket League Tips

Rocket League is a game that is easy to play but hard to master. Many of the pros have thousands of hours in the game. For someone who is just jumping in or has been playing for a while and just wants to be better, watching the pros could be very intimidating. It may feel like you will never even be close to that level. However, with a  little bit of practice and a little bit of determination I believe many people can be quite good at rocket league. That is why I have compiled a list of 10 tips that will make you a better rocket league player. This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the tips that will make you good at Rocket League. It is a very extensive game even for how simple it seems. These are simply some of my own personal Rocket League tips to help you up your game.


I repeat DO NOT BALL CHASE. When you are new to the game it may sound like a crazy concept that you shouldn’t always drive towards the ball every second and you shouldn’t always hit the ball every time you can. There is many times where you should simply defend rather than try and hit the ball. There are also times where you should be there for the pass or be there as backup when your teammates are pressuring the ball. It is important to know that you do not always have to be going after the ball. This will make you a better defender, attacker, and a much better teammate (ball chasers always run into their own team).

  • Practice Aerials

Aerials are an important aspect in Rocket League. Early on it may seem like you need to aerial for only a few balls a game. But as you get better and progress in the game, you will realize that if the ball is in the air and you can get their first, you should almost always be in the air. At a higher level most of the game feels like it is played in the air. If you practice going up for aerials early on, when the game develops to where most of the balls are in the air, you will be ready.

  • Do the Custom Training Levels

When I started playing rocket league there was only three training Levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. These trainings were vital to teaching me the very basics of the game. Now there are hundreds if not thousands of custom training levels available. These will help you practice shots, saves, and aerials so that you can better hit them in game. However, do not become dependent on the them. The shots that you hit in these training levels will rarely happen the same way in game as they do in the training. You simply need to take what you learned in the training levels and apply that to the game.

  • Mess with Settings

There are two major things that I believe you need to change. One is the camera settings. This is important. The default camera settings are far from the best camera settings. You will want to change the camera to what works for you best. To get a good starting point I will list the camera settings that are most common among the pros right now. It is also important that you turn camera shake off. This will make the game run smoother but also will not jar you as much when getting bumped or when someone gets demo’d. The second setting that I believe you should change is your air roll button. This is a button that many people may have completely missed if you did not do the training. When you are in the air the default air roll button x on Xbox one or Square on PS4 will allow you to roll left or right. However, this makes it hard to boost and air roll at the same time which becomes vital for aerials. If you move air roll to Left Bumper instead, you can boost and air roll. Many people have different ideas for what air roll should be so, if you are curios you could look up what other players use.