Black Desert Online

Before you begin, you need to know that Black Desert Online isn’t just your average MMORPG by any means. The game is mechanically one of the largest and most difficult games to learn for those whom aren’t accustomed to tutorials. If you’re just getting started, the game is one that has a lot of great ideas, many of them are right under the games hood, which makes some of its core systems rather enjoyable. While it’s one of the best out there, there’s no doubt that the learning curve is steep, and one that will send players reeling when they begin to learn crafting, trading, and the base bit of adventuring.

Just like all MMO’s, you already know that your character class is one you’ll select at the very beginning. Unlike most MMO’s, however, Black Desert Online approaches the game a bit differently than others. While we certainly could talk about character creation and classes all day long, it’s something the game will explain to you quite well, and in-depth when doing so. With that noted, we will be taking a look at something a bit more serious, a few things that you need to know when first getting started in the overly complex, but rather enjoyable title.

Instead, just focus on the ones that the Black Spirit gives you for now. Remember, it’s there to help you, and like games such as Guild Wars 2, he or she’s going to push you forward so that you can make way through the games base campaign. The Black Spirit won’t cut any corners with getting you started. It’ll begin by having you learn the games core mechanics. These include walking, running, auto-traveling, and even how to level up. When the spirit doesn’t have quests for you to do? Feel free to grab a few that have an exclamation mark. These quests are integral pieces of your adventure and will help you work on moving forward with it.

If you do decide to grab a few side quests, remember, they won’t increase your level, but they do come with something called “contribution experience”. These quests can give you thinks such as special items, inventory space, or even teach you something new. More importantly, these points are good because they make work of hired NPC’s within the game. They make these guys do all the heavy lifting for you, and trust me, you will want that in the long run.