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Dragon Ball FighterZ

One reason why Dragon Ball has been able to sustain its popularity for over 30 years is that it has an incredibly memorable cast of characters. Many shows have awesome action sequences, but it’s the characters that help them stand the test of time. With Dragon Ball FighterZ set to release next year, I can’t help but think about some of the characters I’d like to see in the game.

  • Hercule Satan

The braggadocious Mr. Satan (pronounced Suh-tahn) has always been one of my favorite characters. Despite being an accomplished martial artist, his power is a fraction of Goku and friends. Despite this, he manages to become a worldwide hero, and I think Hercule would make for the perfect joke addition to the roster ala Dan in Street Fighter.

  • Captain Ginyu

In a perfect world the entire Ginyu Force would be playable, but I sadly don’t see that happening. I’ll settle for the Captain, whose mind control abilities could make for a truly unique character. The rest of his squad could also show up as support characters during his specials.

  • Cooler

The brother of Frieza, Cooler is an even more rad looking alien soldier. Throw in the “Meta-Coolers” from the sixth film, and there are some really fun ways to play with his abilities.

  • Master Roshi

While Master Roshi is best known for being a lovable pervert, he used to be quite the fighter in his own right. As the creator of the kamehameha, he can easily fill the role of elder legend.

  • Dabura

Known as the King of the Demon World, Dabura is essentially the devil. I’m a simple man, and I think that’s pretty rad. He also has an awesome sword that I want to use in combat.

  • Yajirobe

Yajirobe is far weaker than basically everyone else on this list, but there are several ways to make this chubby warrior fun to play as. While he wouldn’t have much stamina, he could use powerful Senzu Beans to his advantage that would heal him completely. It could be the ultimate risk-reward strategy.

  • Broly

The Legendary Super Saiyan Broly is a terrifying character. He’s shown as one of the strongest in the universe, so it’d only be fitting that he’d be in a fighting game.

  • Nappa

Poor Nappa. He’s iconic since he’s one of the earliest DBZ villains, but his death happens so early in the series that he’s barely seen. I’m all about giving the big lovable murdering machine another shot, and would love to see him in the game.


PS4 Exclusive Yakuza Kiwami 2

Today’s issue of Weekly Famitsu included a spread on the recently-announced Yakuza Kiwami 2, by Sega. The article focused on showing images of the member of the game’s large cast in their new looks rendered by Yakuza 6‘s Dragon Engine. Yakuza Kiwami 2 is the full remake of the old and glorious Yakuza 2 released in 2006 in Japan and in 2008 in the west. It  picks up shortly after the end of Yakuza (and Yakuza Kiwami, of course), sending Kazuma Kiryu all the way to Osaka to face the powerful Omi Alliance. Yakuza 2 is, in fact, the first game of the series to include two main locations (Tokyo and Osaka). Considering the addition of Goro Majima as a playable character, this game will probably be much bigger than Yakuza Kiwami. Yakuza Kiwami 2  will launch in Japan on December 7th, exclusively for PS4. On top of Yakuza Kiwami 2, Sega also revealed the future of the Yakuza series (split in two games, Yakuza Online and Shin Yakuza), and Hokuto Ga Gotoku, based on the Fist of the North Star manga and anime series.

Following the announcement of the Yakuza 2 remake Yakuza Kiwami 2 during a reveal event at the Akihabara UDX Theater in Tokyo, Sega also showcased the first official screenshots of the game, on top of its editions. The standard edition will be priced at 7,590 yen (about 70 bucks) plus taxes, but there is more. The “Extreme Limited Edition” will include three CDs (Specifically, a soundtrack, one dedicated to Kazuma Kiryu and one to Goro Majima), a set of ten business cards featuring the characters of the game, DLC including costumes, weapons, minigame-related characters and one million yen in-game cash, a PS4 theme, a set of PS4 characters and a special box. It will cost 11,590 yen ($106) plus taxes. For those fans who want to go the extra mile, the PS4 Yakuza Kiwami 2 Edition will also been announced. Coming in  both Jet Black and Glacier White and featuring a custom laser etched motif, it will also be sold in both 500 gigabytes and one terabyte formats, respectively for 33,480 yen ($306) plus taxes and 38,480 yen ($352) plus taxes. The console will be a Sony store exclusive in Japan, and it will be a standard non-Pro model. Yakuza Kiwami 2 and all of its editions will launch on December 7th in Japan. On top of Yakuza Kiwami 2, Sega also revealed the future of the Yakuza series (split in two games, Yakuza Online and Shin Yakuza), and Hokuto Ga Gotoku, based on the Fist of the North Star manga and anime series.

How Sea of Thieves Forced Rare to Make a Change from its Secretive Past

As a development studio Rare’s output is the stuff of legend, dating all the way back to the 8-bit NES. And even before that too, when you factor in early home computing. But during the studio’s time developing games for the Nintendo 64, and then Xbox, one thing was clear. It was pretty secretive in what information it revealed, and only then when it was ready.

Well, with the upcoming release of its shared-world pirate adventure Sea of Thieves that mindset has changed. Big time. In creating a world where players would shape their own stories, foster relationships, and be part of a community, this forced Rare to be more open. And engage with its fans and community during the development process. As part of our recent, and lengthy chat with studio head, Craig Duncan, we discussed Sea of Thieves’ development. And this very subject.

Craig Duncan: You know Rare’s history, which was really secretive and did everything in a bubble. So one thing was, ‘hey, we need to be building a game in this way’. Like, we’re going to go build a new IP, to do that in a very open, transparent way, and get a community involved who will actually help. [We need to] make sure we’re building a game that people love and resonates with them, but also has this really nice side effect that people go on that development journey with you. And they kind of get that passion to understand what you’re trying to do.

This is where the transparency comes in. We’ve been very open. Since we showed gameplay for the first time last E3 we’ve been very open with our community talking about, “Hey, this is some of the stuff we’re thinking about, here’s some of the stuff on the roadmap”. And, as well as that, running these technical alpha play tests, where we have people come in and play and give us direct feedback on features, give us… (obviously we survey them when they play), so give us feedback on how much fun they thought it was, how buggy they thought it was. You know, some really, really good stuff.

Shiny Pikachu has now been released WORLDWIDE

The official Pokemon Go account has tweeted about last week’s Pikachu Outbreak, which is where the Shiny Pikachu is first released. They tweeted a link to a post on the Niantic website, however it did not mention anything about the global Shiny Pikachu release fans on Twitter have been reporting. Niantic said: “When we set out to create Pokémon GO and envisioned its real-world events, we had a goal to offer players from all walks of life the opportunity to build new friendships and discover new and unique ways to explore the world around them. “The events in Yokohama are an example of what Pokémon GO can do in the hands of its passionate community. “It was a sight to behold as Trainers bonded over Pokémon and Pokémon GO, strengthened friendships, and shared personal experiences with one another.”

ORIGINAL: Pokemon Go fans from today will be able to catch the Shiny Pikachu which looks to have had a surprise worldwide release date. The Shiny Pikachu and Shiny Raichu were released last week after a long wait from trainers, but it was only available at a special event in Japan. Pokemon Go players at the Pikachu Outbreak event in Yokohama were able to catch the Shiny versions of Pikachu and Raichu for a limited time only. However, today Pokemon Go fans from across the world have reported catching these rare Pokemon. A Pokemon Go fan in Canada has become the first trainer outside of Japan to catch a Shiny Pikachu, according to the Pokemon Go Hub. And a trainer in Sweden has also today caught a Shiny Pikachu. Pictures of the Shiny Pikachu caught today have been posted on internet message board Reddit. The Japanese event where fans were able to catch a Shiny Pikachu finished today, so it’s possible it’s received a worldwide rollout straight after.

It’s unclear if this is a limited-time event or if the Shiny Pikachu will be a permanent fixture for Pokemon Go fans. Pictures of the Pokedex entry for the Shiny Pikachu posted on Reddit show the trademark Shiny sparkles in the background. The Shiny Pikachu itself also has a more tinted shade of yellow than the regular Pikachu, which is typical of the Shiny version. Pokemon Go fans have been taking to social media site Twitter today to report catching Shiny Pikachus.